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Entry #1

I think I'll leave some tracks here.

2011-12-23 04:59:07 by Verschworungen

Just for old time's sake.

(Three forum posts and I'm already de-railing threads on accident.)


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2011-12-23 07:39:23

u must b new here at the newgrounds forums

word of advice: u mess with me and u will get fuking bashed u hear that u piece of shit, i am the KING of the BBS straight out dipped feel me dawg

Verschworungen responds:

Oh dear.


2012-01-16 23:42:07

Hey Halberd, mind for a fight? I shall fuck you up like a little chav.

Don't worry bro, Verschworungen. anyone want to touch you, call me.

Verschworungen responds:

I love you <3